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10 Different Styles Of Dads

Shown By Our Favorite TV Dads,

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1. The Jokester Dad


George Lopez, from George Lopez, is your typical Jokester Dad. Whether his children are in a good mood or not they can expect a joke to come out of his mouth. Obviously a comedian at heart, he tries to make his kids laugh, or even feel dumb from his many jokes.

2. The All Around Dad


Danny Tanner, from Full House, is your All Around Dad. He has to play the roll of both mom and dad, and does it very well. He is always there for his children. He is obsessed with cleaning, and cooks family dinner as well. He definitely is best all around.

3. The On-Again Off-Again Dad


Christopher Hayden, from Gilmore Girls, is your famous On-Again Off-Again Dad. While he does want to be a part of his daughter Rory's life, he is not capable of maintaining it. He chooses when he wants to call or visit, rather than keeping the "dad" job on a regular basis.

4. The Family Man Dad


Rufus Humphrey, from Gossip Girl, is the average Family Man Dad. He knows pretty much anything and everything about his kids. He is a good advice giver and enjoys being a major part of his kids' lives. His favorite dad activity is making waffles for breakfast every morning.

5. The Worst Dad


Dan Scott, from One Tree Hill, is by far the Worst Dad. He is the father to two boys, but only claims to be "dad" to one. The one he does call son wishes he didn't. He forces him to only care about basketball, along with not paying attention to any other aspect of his son's life. Oh and he also murdered his brother, everyone's favorite man in town.

6. The Step Up Dad


Keith Scott, from One Tree Hill, is the ultimate Step Up Dad. Keith takes in his nephew, Lucas, as his own due to his brother's lack of presence in Lucas' life. He does not call himself Lucas' father but acts as though he is. He gives him advice and is always there in Lucas' times of need.

7. The Well Meaning Dad


Prince Charming, from Once Upon A Time, is the perfect example of the Well Meaning Dad. He is well aware his daughter is in danger, so he chooses to put her in a magical wardrobe ensuring she stays safe. With this choice, Prince Charming is unable to see his daughter for 28 years. He missed out on a lot of his daughter's life, but he did it for her well being.

8. The New Dad


Joe Kingman, from The Game Plan, is the newest of new dads. He was unaware he even had a daughter until she showed up at his doorstep. Completely confused and doesn't know how to take care of a child, Joe Kingman works his butt off to be a good dad. It does take time and many mistakes, but he eventually nails it.

9. The Working Dad


Bart Bass, from Gossip Girl, is the dad who is constantly working. He is that dad who doesn't care about his family or children because he is too busy worrying about work. If you can catch him in a break between phone calls you may be able to talk to him, but he is always on the phone or in the office.

10. The Protective Dad


Burt Hummel, from Glee, is TV's protective dad. He is not afraid to march up to the school in order to talk to anyone giving his son a hard time. He has to play the mom and dad role, so he has enough protective instincts for each role.

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