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    New App "Sneek" Just Hit UCF. It Was NUTS!

    Here's what went down.


    For those of you who haven't heard, there's a brand new app making the rounds called "Sneek". There's only one word I need to use to describe it (awesome), but I'll give you the full run down.

    So let's do some simple math: take Snapchat and add Instagram, then add an Anonymous option and throw in a feed just for UCF... and out comes Sneek.

    Instagram + Snapchat + Anonymous x UCF = Sneek.

    Sneek is taking campuses by storm and it's all the rage. Enough talk - check out some of the photos UCF students have been sharing so far!

    Knightro bein' a Knight BRO, as usual...

    President Hitt tripping you out

    "Studying" at the Library

    Or plain taking it too far at the Library...

    Patrick Star making executive decisions for the Football program

    Knightro might be a bro, but he does NOT play around

    At the end of the day, and above all...

    UCF, it's time...