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5 Household Products That Can Revamp A Tired Wardrobe

DIY your old clothes from drab to fab with these inexpensive, common household products. Ridiculously easy steps, ridiculously cute results.

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1. Bleach


Chances are you probably have a jug of this lurking around your laundry room, ruining all your towels. Just be wary--bleach is a caustic chemical, so be sure to wear rubber gloves and do your project in a well ventilated area.

Splatter-bleach or reverse tie-dye those jeans you never wear for an updated look.

Alexander McQueen / Via

These Alexander McQueen's will run you into the hundreds, but your pair won't cost more than a couple pennies if you follow these steps.

Get a two-toned look for your old cotton shirt by dip-dyeing it in bleach.

Mininmal Los Angeles / Via

Make it as severe or subtle as you like by tweaking these steps. Then make a matching one for your boyfriend so you never lose track of him at the mall.

Cut out designs in the back of an old t-shirt for a trendy look.

Truly Madly Deeply / Via

Here are steps for the skull cut-out. But get creative! Maybe you're more of a nature person? Or perhaps you enjoy a good old-fashioned geometric design? Just be sure you don't accidentally put any of these shirts on backwards before leaving the house.

People have been hacking the sleeves off t-shirts for years, but when the same concept is applied to jackets, the look becomes very "cutting" edge.

m2f / Via

Denim vests are all the rage, but instead of paying $90 for this Free People version, a quick trip to Goodwill and two snips of a scissor can get you the same look for $10.

Change the buttons on a boring coat to give it a little pizzazz.


You can customize your coat to match your personal style with nothing more than a few inexpensive buttons. The only thing you need to know for this DIY is how to sew a button. (And our apologies in advance for how this woman repeatedly pronounces the word "button").

Tie-dye your dingy socks because white socks are sooo boring.


You won't believe how many compliments you'll get when these babies peak out of your shoes. Again, this project can be personalized by selecting colors and patterns that match your style.

Or simply darken faded jeans to give them new life.


When you wear away the color in your favorite pair, give 'em a quick dye job and they'll look good as new. This works especially well for black jeans, too. And the best part is, you'll save bundles!

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