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Here's What Running A Small Business In Australia Looks Like

It's time to celebrate those who truly make Australia the lucky country.

One in three Aussie small businesses are run by migrants, so it's time to shine a light on the entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity and went for it. Here are five enterprising migrants and their stories.

1. Reza Keshavarzi, cofounder of WipeHero

2. Emily Downs, founder of Wanting Collection

3. Kay Nyenuh, founder of Muscle Garden Health & Fitness Centre

4. Jean-Luc Tan, founder of Vive Cooking School

5. Martine Baboin, director of French Class

With 83% of migrant business owners starting business ventures after arriving to Australia, it's people like these that help unleash our entrepreneurial potential. CGU wants to help celebrate the migrant small businesses that make Australia the lucky country.

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