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I Just Realized My Cat Looks Like Bella Hadid

I'm not even kidding.

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I first noticed he resembled someone when he turned one year old, which was July 2017.

He has an angular face but sweet baby eyes, not to mention the ideal model-neutral-look and a beautiful gray tabby print. But it was just last night when it came to me. Michael looks like Bella Hadid.

#1: The Chin

Michael and Bella have the same square, defined chin. In the modeling world, the chin and jaw should be the same length as the nose, as this apparently creates symmetrical beauty. Michael and Bella both have those beautiful long noses and jaws.

#2: The Eyes

Michael and Bella have the same upwardly slanted eyes. Most cats do have this upward slant; however, Michael's slant is subtle enough to perfectly mirror Bella's, along with the slant of her eyebrows. Not only is the shape and curvature the same, but Michael and Bella both have a distinctive green tint to their eyes, which is prone to change colors, shifting to brown undertones and hazel flecks.

#3: Cheekbones

Since the picture of Michael with his tongue out is more recent than the one in which he is wearing a shirt, I think the similarities there are especially striking. Michael and Bella both have incredibly prominent cheekbones. In comparison to other cats, Michael's cheeks jut out a good bit. In comparison to other humans, so do Bella's.

Now you decide.

I gave you all you need, Internet. Now tell me what you think.

  1. Does my cat look like Bella Hadid?

    Absolutely. I totally see where you're coming from.
    No way! One is a cat. The other is a world-class model.
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Does my cat look like Bella Hadid?
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