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10 Reasons To Live More Like Your Dog

Sometimes, all you need is to roll around in some grass...

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1. They are perfectly content with doing absolutely nothing

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As humans, we always feel that we should be doing something productive. But, if we were more like our dogs, we would have no problem floppin' down to relax.

2. They are friendly to everyone

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My dog knows no stranger. She is a friend to everyone, whether or not they are a friend to her in return. If people were more outwardly friendly to, maybe they would have more friends.

3. They ask politely

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Dogs wait patiently and politely to be rewarded. If people were more patient and polite, maybe we would get treats, too.

4. They are loyal to those who feed them

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Always, always, always be loyal to the person who feeds you. This is the #1 rule for a good life.

5. They are always there to listen

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If more humans listened and kept secrets, the world would be a much better place.

6. They are excellent cuddle buddies

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Everyone needs a good cuddle buddy.

7. They are excited by the simple things

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It seems like people don't get excited about anything these days, but if we appreciated the little things a little more, maybe we would.

8. They are hilarious

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The ability to make people laugh is one of the most powerful traits to have.

9. They are so full of love

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Unlike humans, dogs don't have an ounce of hate in them.

10. It can be therapeutic to roll in the grass

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Just leave your cares behind and roll around like no one is watching.

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