Ranking Every Single "High School Musical" Song From "Worst" To "First"

    Which songs bopped to the top and which made me scream?

    30. "High School Musical"

    29. "Walk Away"

    28. "All for One"

    27. "I Want It All"

    26. "You Are the Music in Me (Reprise/Sharpay Version)"

    25. "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a"

    24. "When There Was Me and You"

    23. "What I've Been Looking For (Reprise/Troy and Gabriella Version)"

    22. "Get'cha Head In the Game"

    21. "Bop to the Top"

    20. "We’re All in This Together"

    19. "What Time Is It?"

    18. "A Night to Remember"

    17. "Stick to the Status Quo"

    16. "I Don't Dance"

    15. "Just Wanna Be With You"

    14. "Start of Something New"

    13. "The Boys Are Back"

    12. "Fabulous"

    11. "Can I Have This Dance?"

    10. "What I’ve Been Looking For (Sharpay and Ryan version)"

    9. "Right Here, Right Now"

    8. "Gotta Go My Own Way"

    7. "Everyday"

    6. "Work This Out"

    5. "Now or Never"

    4. "Bet on It"

    3. "Scream"

    2. "You Are the Music in Me (Gabriella version)"

    1. "Breaking Free"