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      If you support gay relations, of sex between people regardless of gender… and you support interracial relationships, of sex between people of different colors… then you need to toughen up and support people slandered as child molesters, of sex between people of different ages. Remember, all these kinds of sex were vilified and criminalized at one time, these people were labeled with named that dehumanized them, and it tookahuge fight byalot of people to make them at least close to mainstream acceptable. You can’t argue that one for of sex that was vilianous at one time, is now acceptable, and another, is still not. Its ludicrous.  All interference in anyone’s sex lives is wrong, and nobody’s business but those people involved in it. Your nose doesn’t belong in anyone else’s bedroom. And society needs to stop labeling people and projecting their fears upon them and burning them as witches.
      Imyself have no interest in children, but while atafriends house, some piece of shit kid talked some trash on me, people freaked out and imaginations ran rampant, andIended up spending two years inaprison hell hole before winning my appeal.  There was no evidence and the story made no sense-it didn’t matter. How do you find the logic and words to defend yourself when all the world suddenly looks at you like you are some monster incarnate and the new modern day witch to be burned? It destroyed my life.. and that was 10 years ago, andIam still pissed off an hostile about it today. If there was any victim at all, it was me, andIpaidahuge cost for other people’s stupidity. But whileIwas in prison,Isat with murderers, child molesters, drug lords, petty street thugs, rapists, and every other possible type of person the legal system could criminalize… and they all were just regular people.  And nearly ever child molesterImet, was just some 21 year old stupid teenager that had had sex witha16 year old girl. Not the crazy image most people imagine of some leacherous old man sneaking out of the shadows and seducing some kid on the playground like pedobear. They were just kids have sex with other kids in some backwater state, and it was always consensual. The point is these laws are used to criminalize something, that is for the most partafiction andafantasy and human consciousness nightmare… and they are then used to vilify and enslave people who are just looking for love in any place they can find it like everyone else, regardless of race, religion, creed, age, or anything else. So if you really want to be progressive, stand up and defend everyone’s right to love whoever they want how they want, regardless of age as well as race or gender. When have you ever had sex with someone exactly your age, down to the year, day, minute, hour, second? Never. They have always been older or younger than you. Are youapervert then, because you’re doing someone older or younger than you? Then you ask, above how much older or younger is acceptable,5years, 10 years,apercentage of your age? How can you say its creepy fora16 year old to have sex witha21 year old, but not fora60 year old to have sex witha65 year old?  Should we put some arbitrary cut off age, like 16, used mostly around the world? So is illegal for someoneaday before they are 16 to have sex, butaday after, perfectly legal. Have they change in2days? Does that even make sense? Esp. when some 16 year olds are smarter and more mature than some 45 year olds will ever be. Lets do away with these bullshit laws that are used to criminalize and reduce people. Remember, these laws can and will be used against you, whether the evidence exists or not. And I’m not even going to get into the fact you never voted on any of them, or agreed to any of them, or even agreed to beacitizen and its not your Constitution at all because it doesn’t have your signatureon it…. its all justaway for men long since dead to control people’s behavior and the dead to lord their morals long after they are dead onto the living.

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