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    It's Not a Bird. It's Not a Plane. It's...

    'Man of Steel' was a cinematically beautiful film but I couldn't help noticing all the dicks in space.

    Say what you will about 'Man of Steel,' but you have to agree that it was a visually stunning film.

    I mean look at him! He's out flying around in space and it doesn't even look photoshopped!

    All those flashbacks of little Clark out on the farm just screamed good ole American wholesomeness.

    I mean really. Nothing says Midwest America more than a I've-got-some-grime-on-my-clothes-and-face Kevin Costner fixing an old Chevy and Diane Lane in denim shorts and plaid. On a farm. Because it's not enough that they live in Kansas in a small town called Smallville.

    Krypton looked like a dying planet but was still awesome even when it was getting blown up!

    But despite all this beauty punching me in the face, I couldn't help noticing all the interestingly shaped ships/escape pods/whatever you want to call them being used on Krypton. They kinda looked like (excuse the language)...


    and dicks.


    Dicks being sentenced to the Phantom Zone.

    But after reading an interview that did with 'Man of Steel' illustrator/concept artist Peter Rubin, it all made sense. Rubin has said that he and production designer Alex Mcdowell looked to nature for inspiration. They tried to avoid straight lines when designing and just wanted flowing, natural forms.

    Thus uterus:

    So if you haven't seen 'Man of Steel' yet, make sure to keep your eyes on the sky! And with that I leave you with this wonderful comic by the talented Noelle Stevenson aka gingerhaze.

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