6 Studly Fabrics To Give To Those On Your Naughty List

Cause Joann’s ain’t just for crafty little old ladies anymore.

1. Joann Fabric and Craft Stores

Where crafty ladies and crafty men come to find all their DIY goods.

2. There are walls of yarn

Via cfnchng

3. Racks of patterns

Via cfnchng

4. And of course, aisles and aisles of fabric

5. On a recent trip down one of these aisles, something caught my eye

Via cfnchng

What is that??

6. Uhhh..

Via cfnchng

Is that what I think it is??

7. WHAT.

Via cfnchng

8. Stop. Drop. And Roll.

Via cfnchng

The fabric’s called “Ready for Action” and I bet they are…

9. Upon further investigation, I found a whole lot more.

Via cfnchng

Giddy up, “Wranglers.”

10. “Heavy Equipment”

Via cfnchng

That’s some heavy “equipment” indeed.

11. “Halloween Hunks”

Via cfnchng

Trick or treat, it’s all good.

12. And one for Twihards too!

Via cfnchng

This one’s titled “October Moon” when it could be titled “Shirts Off at Twilight.”

13. And Here’s One more for a Hot Holiday at home…

Via cfnchng

“Hurry Down the Chimney,” Santa.

14. Happy Ho Ho Holidays!

Via cfnchng

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