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    10 Reasons "Thor: The Dark World" Is Really The Loki Show

    Cause all the promo I've been seeing revolves around Tom Hiddleston/Loki.

    1. Australia

    Esteban La Tessa / Facebook: LaTessaPhotography

    Where's Thor?

    2. China

    REX USA/Top Photo Corporation / Rex

    Nope. Still no Thor.

    3. South Korea


    I think I see a Thor...


    Also the birth of dancing!Tom

    4. England

    REX USA/Richard Young / Rex

    Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the cast actually showed up in England. But they had a "Looki-Lokis" costume contest and not a Thor one so I think that says a lot.

    And dancing!Tom strikes again!

    5. Germany = meeting the most epic Loki Cosplayer Ever

    Tom also Kneels to said Loki

    And surprises us with juggling!

    And still no Thor.

    6. USA

    7. Loki does Comedy Central TV Spots

    Comedy Central / Via

    Mentions of Thor but no Thor

    8. Slumber Parties with Josh Horowitz Happen

    Thor Shirt to remind us that Thor is in the movie/it's his movie.

    9. And well you get the point

    Even Chris acknowledges it.

    10. So why don't we all just surrender and

    Sorry Thor

    Marvel Entertainment / Via
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