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08.18.17 Friday Update

It's a summer party Friday Update with all the shout outs we need to get through the day!

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8. From Nastassia

SHOUT OUT to Kelsey-Lynn, Haley, Whitney and Alexis for working insanely hard this week. We're almost there!

7. SHOUT OUT to Jenn

For calling me out and keeping me honest ;)

6. SHOUT OUT to Anna

For doing a great job helping me out with the proposal ... My pakawwwwge

5. SHOUT OUT to Nick

For running solo in Toronto this week while Carly is away and collaborating with MTL effortlessly. Great job!

4. SHOUT OUT to the whole Rethink Team!

It's coming together guys ... We're almost at the end and it's going to look amazing.

3. SHOUT OUT to Justin

For rocking it in the short time he's been here! You're such a great addition to the team :)

2. SHOUT OUT to Cherie

For pulling together a million and one costs in a hot minute ... Thank you!

1. SHOUT OUT to the entire team

... and how we're gonna feel after the summer party tomorrow

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