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    • cesarjuliogalindom

      The world’s entire culture has always been shaped by invations and evolutions. I would’t call it stealing ( thats just me, I do respect your terminology). Yes people will bitch and complaint about EVERTHING !! If it is’t inmigration it would be the economy, or the war, global warming etc. Its all just drama controlled by the gouverment like it or not. Im sure the Native Americans did not like either ( look at them now ). Lets just do our part and enjoy this beautiful world while we can ( because if the real aliens show up.. WE ARE SCREWED !!

    • cesarjuliogalindom

      This USA and its supposed to beafree country, express your opinion THATS OK, while you morons are arguing about who is liyng and who is not, people running the country are just laughing because to them this is just business.99% of us are decendents from inmigrants? I’d say 100%unless them Native Indian just grew up like grass(they may be laughing at us as well LOL )Maybe not, since they have been almost exterminated and pushed into reserves(because they did not have an Inmigration System). The FACTS are that we are soooo stupid and ignorant that either we believe what we see on the news or what our parents believe.WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE FACTS !! If you areaUS born American Citizen, you just got lucky, so don’t judge people from any country for leaving EVERTHIG behind and be part of this country,you don’t have that right. That been said(or written )Just go with the flow, at the end the people at the White House will do as they please.

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