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We Asked The BuzzFeed Community For Dog Pics And Turned Them Into Holiday Illustrations

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After getting a bunch of absolutely adorable submissions of people posing with their pups, we want to share some of our favorites and wish you a wonderful holiday season.

1. This pair of pawfect pals are feeling merry:

2. This dog-and-mama duo are all smiles this season:

3. Let there be no bones about it — this pup loves his papa:

4. These two wintry woofers make their mom very happy:

5. This pair makes for a pawsitively perfect holiday card:

6. The love between these two best friends will last furever:

7. Dig this awesome pair in their little sweaters!

8. And tongues will wag over these happy friends:

Illustration by Marjan Farsad © BuzzFeed

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