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13 Reasons Why Small Dogs Are A Big Deal

As if we ever doubted it. Check out these Vines that prove small dogs are a huge deal. Afterwards, reward your little superstar with Cesar's Savory Delights.

1. Their relaxing game is on point.

Belle & Nate Villegas / Via

2. Their resilience when stuck between a rock and a hard place is unmatched.

Diego lopez / Via

3. They teach us to face our fears head-on.

Michael Stoltenow / Via

4. They are undeniably fabulous.

Rosie Pig / Via

5. They're always helpful around the house.

Amy Wise / Via

6. They cruise with more style than we ever will.

Dinky / Via

7. Like. Seriously.

Levi / Via

8. They dictate their own sleeping hours.

Rebecca Neal / Via

9. They teach us to love ourselves.

josh munoz / Via

10. They're always one step ahead.

Emily Clouse / Via

11. They're amazing guard dogs, even in their sleep.

Curtis Lepore / Via

12. They're not afraid to articulate their emotions.

Shellie / Via

13. And they've got ACTUAL SUPERPOWERS.

Zach King / Via