11 Little Dogs That Are Bigger Than Life

Size certainly doesn’t matter when it comes to these little guys. They may look small, but in their minds, they’re bigger than a Great Dane. Reward your dog for his bravery with Cesar Savory Delights.

1. This dog that decided he didn't care if anyone was watching anymore.

2. This dog that thinks — nay, KNOWS — that he can skate harder than any big dog.

3. This dog that's getting over his fear of mimicking scenes from The Lion King.

4. This dog that doesn't care how small you think he is, size doesn't matter.

5. This dog that thought this tortoise was a monster, but he was actually a new friend (and a sick ride).

6. This dog that was hungry enough to feast in the face of certain danger.

7. This dog that WILL get his ball back, even if he has to deal with that super-annoying noise.

8. These dogs that were going to fight but decided to kiss instead.

9. This dog that had the gall to measure himself against that really big, weird-looking dog.

10. This dog that is NOT going to let those snakes get away with this.

11. And this dog that's finally built up his courage to show you his love.

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