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13 Dogs That Are Having The Best Day Ever

Every dog has his day. And these dogs are having their best ones. Your dog makes every one of your days better than the last, so love her back with new Cesar Savory Delights.

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1. This dog that loves a solid high-five sesh.

2. This dog that loves baths — as long as they're with a friend.

3. This dog that just learned cleaning can actually be fun.

4. This dog that doesn't need to be a baby to enjoy a good swing.

5. These puppies that just made a new friend.


Even if said friend isn't as sold on the friendship as they are.

6. This dog that's just gotta dance.

7. This dog that doesn't mind the polar vortex one bit.

8. This dog that finally found his ball.

9. This dog that just discovered trampolines.

10. This dog that enjoys a nice nap just as much as you do.

11. This dog that yearned for the beautiful simplicity of the open road, and was justly rewarded.

12. This dog that can't contain how happy he is to eat.

13. This dog is very happy that you've read this post and all, but mostly he's happy to just get back to sleep.