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    A Poem For @banana

    Idk about you guys, but we love the nickname @banana (cause she is one).

    Omg you're such a creep! A disgusting bitch too, can't you see? You were literally hitting on my bestie's boyfriend, like who do you think you are, you're obviously not our friend! All the stuff you've said, is just weird and gross. And just so you know, I think @ILoveBuzzfeed hates you the most. You seriously suck, like go get a life. Everything you say, makes me want to stab you with a knife. Stop coming back, like girl what's your deal? I actually hope you get attacked by seals. Like honestly girl, can you fucking stop? You're pretty much a big flop. You're literally making everyone leave, like c'mon girl, you're ruining buzzfeed! So anyways, what I'm trying to say, is leave us the fuck alone, it'd literally make everyone's days.

    I hope everyone liked this, and I've been inactive recently but I have been reading all her comments and your guys too. But I find it better just to ignore her, and if we all do, then maybe she'll just leave since nobody will reply to her. When people reply to her, it makes them comment more, and it makes them feel more in control, because she's getting to you to reply and stuff. (Trust me, I was a bully remember?). Or maybe she'll just get sick and tired of bullying us (like I got sick of bullying you guys). Anyways, nobody should leave. I get why you take breaks, but nobody should leave for good just because of some creep. So just ignore her. Here's one of my fav quotes from PLL: "If you ignore it, it will go away."

    Stay strong!