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12 Things You Know To Be True If You’re Obsessed With Skin Care

Your obsession is more than skin-deep.

1. You consider it a mortal sin to go to bed with makeup on.

2. 'Cause you have a whole process that's taken years to figure out and perfect.

3. You judge anyone who doesn't understand the importance of cleansing, moisturizing, and toning.

4. You're also just slightly neurotic about anything touching your face during the day.

5. There's never such a thing as too much sunscreen.

6. You've spent days watching and researching skin-care tutorials online.

7. And can lose an entire afternoon tracking your favorite beauty deals.

8. So your bathroom looks like a holy shrine to all of your beloved brands.

9. You live in a constant state of fear that your go-to products might get discontinued.

10. A good portion of your paycheck goes toward your skin-care obsession.

11. But it's okay cause you consider it an investment that will pay off down the line.

12. And all your struggle and dedication is worth it in the end — 'cause you've got flawless skin.

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