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    10 Reasons To Get Down With Female Condoms

    This week we celebrate International Condom Day and National Condom Day in the U.S. How will you be getting down with your Valentine? (PG-13)

    1. Female condoms are sexy (link NSFW) & fun.


    They’re awesome at transferring heat and the inner and outer rings can increase pleasurable sensations for both partners.

    2. Female condoms empower women.


    They’re specifically designed for women and enable them to take control of their sexual pleasure and protection.

    3. Men like to get down with female condoms too.


    Large and in charge? No worries. Female condoms don’t constrict the penis during sex. Also, sharing responsibility with your partner for your protection is hot.

    4. Dual protection = Double the fun.


    Female condoms offer dual protection against pregnancy and STIs, including HIV.

    5. You can pick your pleasure.

    Danny Ngan at PATH / Via

    There are different varieties of female condoms – some are latex free and all are hormone free. The FC2 is the only female condom currently approved by the FDA for use in the U.S.

    6. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use one.


    For real. If you can squeeze your finger and thumb together, you can insert a female condom.

    Bonus Tip : Unlike male condoms, female condoms don’t have to be removed immediately after sex, so you can get your spoon on right away.

    7. You can be prepared when the mood strikes.


    Female condoms don’t rely on an erection and can be inserted hours before sex so you’re not interrupted when the time is right.

    8. You can let your adventurous side come out.


    Female condoms can be used in any position during intercourse and can even be used for anal sex.

    9. Women and men around the world are getting on board with female condoms.


    They’re available in 138 countries and can often be found at your local pharmacy or at online retailers like Lucky Bloke Condoms.

    10. Basically, pleasurable & protected sex = MORE SEX.


    So...what are you waiting for?! You can even try and review the FC2 female condom for free through

    Wanna learn more about female condoms? Check out the National Female Condom Coalition.

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