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    10 Struggles That Are Far Too Real For Every "ACNH" Player

    From lovable villagers to beautiful scenery, our islands are the perfect getaway from the stress of real life. However, Animal Crossing never fails to add its own additional stressors.

    1. Spamming “A” through Isabelle’s morning announcements.

    That’s great that you found your missing sock, Isabelle, but giving my villagers their daily gifts is far more important. Please just let me play the game.

    2. Somehow NEVER having enough inventory space.

    Your inventory can have 40 slots! from ac_newhorizons

    Even with the upgrades it’s never enough to store all the things I need.

    3. Spending HOURS designing the perfect fashionable outfit…

    ihascupquake on Giphy/Nintendo / Via

    If you don’t have a better fashion sense in Animal Crossing than you do in real life then you’re doing it wrong.

    4. …but getting stung by a wasp, ruining your WHOLE AESTHETIC.

    Nintendo / Via

    It’s not the same with a swollen eye and a huge bandage…better get some medicine quickly.

    5. And let’s not even START with the amount of time it takes to breed the perfect colored flowers!

    NifastGreentail on Giphy/Nintendo / Via

    Why does it take so many steps to get blue roses?

    6. When that ugly villager in your town just WON’T LEAVE…

    Instagram: @therealbrimstone / Via

    Stu, I haven’t talked to you in weeks — why won’t you and your ugly face MOVE OUT?!

    7. …but the villagers that you DO want never show up on island tours.

    JesseTV44 on Giphy/Nintendo / Via

    Raymond, I’ll find you one day, I promise.

    8. The inability to craft multiple items at once.

    Nintendo / Via

    You’re telling me I have to craft ten of the same tables for my outdoor restaurant SEPARATELY?! Nintendo, give us the mass craft option we all need.

    9. Villagers that sit down RIGHT where you need to terraform.

    When a villager blocks the only path... from AnimalCrossing

    Judy, did you not see me building a whole waterfall right next to you?

    10. And finally, despite all the hard work you put into your island, your friends’ islands somehow ALWAYS look better.

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