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Why I Wish Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins Was My Best Mate

The piss cutting legend, who until recently played rugby union for the Wallabies and Western Force in Australia, is not only captain of the banter bus, he's also an all round top bloke that I would love to share heart shaped necklaces that say "BFFS 4 LYF" across them.

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He crushes a 'stache outside of Movember because that's how legends party.

He's an outdoorsman.

Classic Badge in top form.

This one's for the ladies, welcome to Rig City, population: Honey.

He put his family before himself in his decision to relocate to Japan. Genuine hero.

He has one running style: strong.

You just know he can sink piss with the best of them.

He brought the Honey Badger to our attention, who is both terrifying and adorable.

His chat game is unparalleled.

Just great

Does it get better?

Yes, it does.

On point.

Badge on metaphors for life.

Safe to say, Honey is a true blue, straight up, bloody legend. I would follow you anywhere Badge.

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