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18 Things Australians Find Weird About Visiting New York

You're not in Australia anymore.

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1. Bodegas (corner delis) sell beer and liquor stores don't.

There's beer in there...

2. The fact they still actively use cheques.

Thinkstock / Ingram Publishing

3. The one cent penny. Why?!

Thinkstock / MisterVector

4. All the rubbish on the side of the road? That's where it's meant to be because there are no garbage bins.

5. Breakfast comes with a side of potatoes, or "home fries."

6. There are FREE pools.

7. You can't get a lemon, lime, and bitters.

Don't even try.
Flickr: luciuskwok / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: luciuskwok

Don't even try.

8. Beer and shot combos cost around $7 or $8 and are the best thing ever.


It's more weird that Australians haven't adopted this back home yet.

9. And yes, one shot is the equivalent of around two Australian shots.

That's ONE shot.
Thinkstock / ConstantinosZ

That's ONE shot.

10. Blinkers? Optional. Car Horns? Mandatory.

11. And don't expect your taxi driver to know how to get anywhere outside of the grid system.

12. The majority of people have tried internet dating and aren't afraid to admit it.

13. Unless you know the cafe, don't attempt to order coffee that isn't an Americano (long black) or iced, you'll only be disappointed.

The stereotype that Australians are coffee snobs is true, just go with it.

14. Finding a fresh passionfruit is like finding a unicorn.

Thinkstock / Viktar

15. Although you will get used to tipping, you always forget about the sales tax tacked on at the end. Never take GST for granted.

16. You'll quickly become aware of the differences in Australian lingo, but one abbreviation that isn't understood in the city will come as quite a shock.

Flickr: fishyone1 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fishyone1

17. Bed bugs are everywhere and almost everyone has a horror story about them.

NBC / Via

18. Getting a cheeky drunk on at brunch is 100% acceptable.

Another thing we should probably adopt ASAP. But not the term "brunch," never bring that back.

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