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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

How do you sleep?

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The way you sleep says more about you than you might think.

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Which position are you?

The Fetal Position

The fetal position is the most common position in the world. People who sleep in the fetal position tend towards worry and anxiety. They are often shy and sensitive.

The Starfish Position

If you have a starfish sleeper as a best friend, you're in luck. Starfish sleepers are great listeners and a source of comfort to others.

The Soldier Position

Soldier sleepers do not like to make a big deal out of things. They're often the strong, silent type.

The Yearner Position

Yearner sleepers look like they're grasping for something. They often have a very hard time making decisions, but once they make a choice they stick to it.

The Freefaller Position

Freefaller's sleep is often unsteady. They like to be in control of everything around their life. They're outgoing and confident, but extreme situations are a no-no.

The Log Position

Log sleepers are very trusting and little naive, but are usually social and easy-going individuals.