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    Feb 4, 2015

    Using The Schlieren Technique, This Video Allows You To See Things That Are Normally Invisible

    For everyone who's ever wanted to actually see a fart.

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    The Schlieren technique, achieved by refracting light on objects before a concave mirror, allows you to see things that would usually be invisible — like the heat of a fire, the cold of dry ice, or even a burp.

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    Here's what the heat of a lighter actually looks like...

    BuzzFeedBlue / Via

    And here's the chill of dry ice.

    BuzzFeedBlue / Via

    Here's what Isopropyl Alcohol looks like...

    BuzzFeedBlue / Via

    ...And here's Helium.

    BuzzFeedBlue / Via

    When treated with the Schlieren technique, a burp isn't that gross anymore.

    BuzzFeedBlue / Via

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