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Blind Item: Celebrity Baggage

JetBlue’s Celebrity Baggage Auction helps famous celebrities get rid of their baggage by donating it to do some good. But see if you can guess the identities of these other celebrities who haven't quite let go of theirs.

  • 1. This recording-breaking athlete has a happy-seeming marriage, but our tipster tells us there's trouble at home. No word if other parties are involved, but our heart goes out to him. Marriage is always a struggle, especially in the spotlight!

  • 2. It's not the first time this famous-for-being-famous heiress has been stopped by police. A source close to her says she was pulled over after getting into a chase with paparazzi in a local shopping mall parking lot. The whole thing's hush-hush for now --oh, the stress of being famous!

  • 3. Better duck if this angry A-list model is around! Her famous temper has apparently gotten her in to trouble again: Our source tells us a recent photo shoot was interrupted when she didn't take to the photographer's direction, and cellphones started flying. Hey, anger happens!

  • 4. Social media fail! One well-known rapper has been taking to Twitter a lot lately to air his philosophies, brag about his success and talk trash about the competition. This big-mouthed rhymer is well-known for putting his foot in it, but his hyperbole may have gone too far this time.

  • 5. Careful what you say on set! One big star of the silver screen was recently embarrassed when a leaked recording of his on-set rant reached the internet. Someone's got baggage!