9 Signs TLC Has Gone Too Far

Know your limits, TLC.

1. My Crazy Obsession

Just realize there are people in this world who have this lifestyle. Just let that soak in.

Because tissues are just too damn expensive these days.

2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Exhibit A

3. Virgin Diaries

It hurts.

4. Buying Naked

No, seriously, someone made a show out of this.

Or just wrap that clean towel around your waist.

5. Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Honestly, I think we’re all still confused by this one.

6. My Strange Addiction

This show was definitely made to make people feel better about themselves

Just kidding, you’re less attractive than an inflatable toy

You will never get action like this. You may as well be on Virgin Diaries.

7. Gypsy Sisters


Well ya I guess…. that’s… ummm…

Ya, I think I’m done now too.

8. Long Island Medium


Why, because you predicted another dead person, or because you’re out of hairspray?

Ugh, like, same Victoria

*The great hairspray shortage of 2014*

9. Toddlers and Tiaras

Actually this may be the most relatable show on TLC

OK I was wrong, me and these little girls can kick it.

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