Pissed-off Christoph

Pissed-off Christoph
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  • GSMG Get’s To The Realness With Ronald Moon

    Today’s independent artist are basically suffering against the giants of the industry. Due to lack of proper resources and being educated on proper marketing as well as not possessing the extremely gargantuan astronomical budgets as the big labels, the indie is being gobbled up and eclipsed by the massive system that looks down on the independent label. I this interview Minden, Louisiana local Record label artists “Tank Goon” and “Smoove” explain their plan to reach greatness. Though both artist, whom are both first cousins, have had some ups and downs from medical issues, feuds between former group members and death they take that negative energy and put it towards something positive. Check out this interview a“Check Out The Realness With GSMG”s Ronald Moon get’s in depth with the two artist on “The Realness”.

  • Is O.T. Genasis A Swagger Jacker?

    Rapper O.T. Genasis was called out by his Instagram and Youtube followers for possibly borrowing a local Louisiana underground rap duo’s style to create a similar song using the same beat, something he has been accused of before.

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