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    • ceejayeh

      If this is the same guy, a lot of what he says doesn’t even add up. I don’t know how someone can be hired by Booz Allen without a degree or any experience in the intelligence field and have access to this type of information. By all accounts he was a system administrator, not an analyst, and wouldn’t necessarily have a clearance to access it. As far as I’ve read neither the NSA nor Booz Allen have said he held any type of security clearance… least of all the type of clearance one would need to even know about a widespread surveillance program. This means what he did, if true and he isn’t leaking on someone else’s behalf, was/is inherently illegal. It doesn’t mean it isn’t moral (although we’ve known about the big brother problem for a long time), but when it comes to “considering the source” you have to wonder how accurate his statements are. Whether it’s as widespread as he claims, or it’s closer to truth to believe what Keith Alexander has said about the surveillance programs. It’s compelling and thought-provoking either way.

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