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Cedric Gracia Launch His Mountain Bike Coaching Program

What a great news today! Finally we can become students of the legend of Mountain Bike and BMX, Cédric Gracia. Here are the benefits to subscribe to his plan: With CG Funcamp Online, you will get: 1. One video per week (4 per month) : 3 recorded videos (one per week), addressing 3 different topics: 1. Technical: how to ride, how to do a manual, a bunny hop... 2. Setup: for the bike and the pilot 3. Preparation: physical and mental 1 live webinar where you will be able to ask me every question about the 3 videos of the month. This will come with a replay and the possibility to ask your questions before the webinar if you can’t be live with us. 2. A private Facebook group where you can exchange between students, and where I’ll answer your questions between live webinars. 3. We will have special meet ups, reserved for students of my program. Wherever I travel around the world, we will meet for a talk, a ride or just for a beer! 4. Goodies and special deals from my sponsors and friends in the mountain bike industry like Crankbrothers, Disco brakes, Magura, Production Privée, USWE, etc... 5. Other options will include: reviewing your progressions on videos, organizing CG Funcamps reserved for my students. Other ideas to come... If you subscribe before june 30th, you can win my last EWS racing kit signed!

annecaron • One year ago

How A Pro Mountain Bike Downhill Racing Team Is Organized? Inside Talk By CG

Today in CG's Vlog we discover how tf a mountain bike team is set up. You might think you just have to find 2 or 3 great riders in your local bike park and here you go. Hmm, let's say that's a little more complicated than that and if you have no money, you won't go anywhere! Listen to Cedric Gracia, he's explaining all that better than me!

annecaron • 2 years ago

Sea Otter 2017 - Dual Slalom Race

Sea Otter 2017 in Monterrey USA! Steve Peat vs Cedric Gracia and then CG is giving us a real great insight of the event!

annecaron • 2 years ago

What About DOPING In Mountain Biking?

Cedric Gracia talks about Doping in cycling and especially in mountain biking, his practice. He tells everything and it's very interesting! Must watch!

annecaron • 2 years ago

Megavalanche La Réunion - Track Preview By Cedric Gracia

Cedric Gracia drives us through the official track for the Megavalanche at La Réunion Island.

annecaron • 2 years ago