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2. Hunter x Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi / Via

In a world with no rules, anyone may earn a license to kill through a deadly exam. Meanwhile, a pedophile clown who loves strong opponents and fights, is in love with the main protagonists.

7. Clannad

Jun Maeda, Yūichi Suzumoto, Kai, Tōya Okano / Via

High school sweethearts that end up marrying and expecting a child. Wife dies in childbirth, and weak husband ends up forsaking his child to pick up an alcohol addiction. Weird and mysterious force (admin abuse) then revives dead wife and child of blue collar protagonist by rewriting the past.

9. Parasyte

Hitoshi Iwaaki / Via

A young high school student is thrust in the middle of an alien invasion, where his alien was unable to eat and take over his brain. He is then left to fight hordes of aliens who have eaten their human hosts from the inside, and are preying on humans for food.

11. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Hiromu Arakawa / Via

A story about two spoiled kids who try to revive their dead mother using alchemy. Ends up costing one of the kids his whole body, and the other an arm and a leg. However, this just thrusts them into a world where the state is ran by a being that wants to sacrifice the whole country so he can achieve god-status.

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