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    26 Things You Can Get From Amazon Canada That Are Just Plain Awesome

    A holographic fanny pack, an air fryer, anti-chafing powder, and more!

    1. A pair of chunky rose gold huggie earrings that'll add a touch of ✨glam✨ to any outfit (even joggers and a T-shirt). Reviewers love that they’re lightweight and budget-friendly, and say they don’t irritate sensitive ears, either.

    The earrings on a neutral surface and background

    2. An light up deskpad that'll tie your setup together in a jazzy way. Reviewers love that it’s got plenty of colours options to choose from (14, to be exact), plus a big enough surface area to fit both their mouse *and* a keyboard.

    A computer with keyboard and mouse setup on the lit-up mousepad

    3. An ultraslim iridescent fanny pack so you can save your shoulders from heavy totes. Reviewers like that it never feels chunky or cumbersome, even when it’s stuffed with all their essentials — perfect for workouts!

    A person wearing the fanny pack on their waist, facing away from the camera

    4. Or, if you’re looking for something less flashy, a waterproof belt bag with compartments for all your stuff (including the latest, largest smartphone). Your valuables won’t get drenched if you get caught out in the rain and the reflective straps will keep you visible during early morning or late night outings.

    Someone standing against a forest background, posing with one hand on the strap of the belt bag that's slung across their chest

    5. A pair of exfoliation brushes that’ll rid your smoocher of dry, flaky buildup. Reviewers like that they can even be used as tongue scrapers if you’re in a pinch.

    6. And an exfoliating face brush that’ll help you get your pores cleaner than ever. It’s got fine bristles on one side for lathering up your cleanser and scrubbing away dead skin and larger ones for when you’re craving a stress-relieving massage.

    7. A copy of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse that’ll give your mood a little mid-week boost with its cute illustrations and inspirational messages. Reviewers love the simplicity of the pages and say it’s helped spark joy during tough times..

    8. A Ninja air fryer that’ll crisp up your food without having to use gallons of oil. It has six customizable presets and two baskets that you can set to different modes, so you can make your entire meal in one go.

    Someone plating up some vegetables from one of the fryer baskets onto a plate of chicken wings, with the Ninja fryer behind it

    9. A jar of E.l.f. putty primer that’ll give your skin a poreless finish while creating a buttery base for your favourite foundation. Reviewers love its lightweight and velvety finish and say it keeps their makeup looking flawless all day long.

    10. A set of anti-nausea wristbands that’ll help settle your upset tummy. Reviewers say they’ve worked miracles on car and plane sickness and that they’re great for wearing during intense VR game seshes, too.

    Someone wearing a Sea-band on their wrist while holding up the packaging

    11. An anti-chafing powder that'll absorb sweat and odour like nobody's business. Sprinkle it on any area that's prone to rubbing and blistering before you head out on your hike, and you won't be left with angry, red patches between your legs.

    The bottle of powder laying flat next to two dumbbells and a pair of wireless earpods

    12. A purse organizer that'll keep your wallet from getting buried, so you won't have to be that person who dumps out the contents of their bag and holds up the line. It has various pockets and compartments, and will also make switching between totes a piece of cake.

    A before and after of a purse, without and then with the organizer

    13. An earbud cleaning kit that'll lift dirt, debris, and crusty buildup (🥴) from your Airpods, so you can actually hear out of them again. The different brushes will be more effective than a Q-Tip at reaching into your buds' tiny crevices, and you can even use them to clear gunk from your laptop.

    14. A hydrating colour-changing lip balm for days when you want an au naturel look that's all your own. It's formulated to adjust to your body's pH, so you'll be blessed with a custom shade you won't be able to find in any store.

    15. An electric nail grinder to trim your four-legged friend's claws, so cuddle time won't end in an absolute massacre. It's a safer alternative to traditional clippers (since you won't accidentally cut through the quick) and will leave your pet with a smooth, polished manicure instead of jagged tips.

    Electric nail grinder being used on nails

    16. An anti-identity theft stamp you can use to obscure all your private info, giving you peace of mind when you recycle your bills and envelopes. It’s great if you don’t own a shredder and is also more convenient than scribbling over your address with a permanent marker.

    Someone using the stamp across a confidential document

    17. A copy of Burn After Writing filled with prompts to encourage self-exploration and self-reflection. You can fill out the pages in any order, and then burn (or keep) it once you're done — your journal, your rules.

    18. A pack of disposable sneaker wipes that'll help you buff out the scuffs and stains on your (not-so-new) Air Force 1s. Reviewers say these do a great job at ridding their kicks of dirt and debris, and like that they don't have to put in a ton of elbow grease to see results.

    A product photo of the sneaker wipes

    19. A Revlon hot brush for beautiful, bouncy, voluminous hair that'll give your favourite blowout bar a run for its money. Reviewers say it's helped them get ready quicker, making it perfect for anyone who struggles with never having enough time in the morning.

    20. A moon phase banner made of hammered metal that'll give your walls some glitz (not to mention look perfect next to your Frank Sinatra Fly Me to the Moon vinyl). Now you'll never forget your lunar phases.

    The moon decor hanging on a plain wall above a bed and an end table with a mug and plants on it

    21. A pair of moisturizing gloves for when your cracked and dry hands are in dire need of a pick-me-up. They’re perfect for a little “me time” and you can even reuse each pair a couple of times.

    22. A tube of O'Keefe's foot cream that'll be the hero your dry and rough heels need. It'll smooth out the cracks in your feet and keep 'em hydrated with a protective moisture barrier, so they can finally live their best, callus-free life.

    Aerial view of the foot cream on top of two books

    23. A set of fluffy pillows that'll bring that luxurious hotel experience to your own bed. Reviewers say they look and feel great, even without pillowcases, and love that they can add or remove stuffing to make them the perfect level of fluffy (they even come with a bag that you can use to store your extra filling).

    A pair of quilted pillows on a bed with a throw and magazine

    24. A two-sided magnetic dishwasher sign that'll let you know if you need to run the wash cycle or not. It's fantastic for helping keep the peace in multi-person households, as everyone's bound to be happier when dirty forks aren't being constantly found cozied up to clean ones.

    25. A can of Bar Keeper's Friend cookware cleaner that’ll break down the rust and stains from your pots and pans and make 'em look good as new. Just add a bit of water and then sprinkle it on like magical fairy dust — et voilà!

    26. And finally, a spinning fidget ring that'll help you stop fiddling with your necklace chain. Reviewers say it's essential for anyone with anxiety because playing with it helps relieve stress.

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