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    24 Great Products That Are Missing From Your Life And They're All On Amazon Canada

    A dog DNA test, a toaster with extra-wide slots, sheer socks with daisies on them — and more!

    1. A sleek, wall-mounted coat rack so you can stop forming little piles of totes and coats on your floor. It's great if you love minimalist decor, since the hooks will fold up when not in use.

    The coat rack with a tote bag and a scarf hanging from it

    2. A dog DNA test that'll let you determine once and for all just what exactly is the mix in your Shi-poo-wawa-mix. The swab kit is super easy to use: you'll mail it in, then wait for the results to tell you your pooch's genetic makeup (as well as any potential health risks).

    3. A showerhead attachment that'll make it easier to hose down your furball. Reviewers say it's significantly cut down the amount of time their dogs have to spend in the tub and love that it has a knob that lets them easily adjust the spray with one hand.

    Someone holding the shower head as it sprays water

    4. A toaster with extra-wide slots that’ll fit even the chunkiest slices of artisanal bread. It has six browning settings, a mode for bagels, and a defrost option that's perfect for frozen waffles.

    The toaster with two slices of toast in it, next to piles of bagels, bread, and a plate of waffles

    5. A shiatsu foot massager that'll relieve your achy, breaky, spasm-y arches and toes. Reviewers say it works magic on their feet and that it's a must-have for anyone who's on their feet all day.

    The massager with indicator arrows coming off of it to show heat

    6. A stylish Android smartwatch that'll connect to your phone and display all the info you need, including calendar events and fitness stats. Reviewers say the sleep tracker function is super handy and like that there's a Do Not Disturb mode they can switch to at night.

    The smartwatch on a block with a clock, sleep tracker, and night-themed display

    7. A silicone ring that reviewers say makes the perfect stand-in for their wedding band when they're working in the field or pumping iron at the gym. It's stretchy and won't rust or turn your finger green if you go swimming with it on.

    Someone wearing the silicone ring

    8. A pair of sheer floral socks that you can show off with a pair of ankle jeans. Reviewers say they're super soft, breathable, and like that the delicate mesh is surprisingly durable.

    Someone wearing the mesh socks with a pair of pumps

    9. A copy of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse that’ll give your mood a little mid-week boost with its cute illustrations and inspirational messages. Reviewers love the simplicity of the pages and say it’s helped spark joy during tough times..

    10. An anti-chafing powder that'll absorb sweat and odour like nobody's business. Sprinkle it on any area that's prone to rubbing and blistering, and you won't be left with angry, red patches between your legs.

    The bottle of powder laying flat next to two dumbbells and a pair of wireless earpods

    11. A foot file that’ll help you buff away those layers of dead skin and tough calluses just in time for sandal season! Reviewers say their feet were noticeably softer after just one use.

    A large metal file with thick plastic handle

    12. A bottle of fish oil supplement that'll bring out the shine in your pet's coat and leave it soft as a cloud. Reviewers report that their picky eaters love having it drizzled over their food, and that it's even helped arthritic pooches become more limber.

    A dog laying on a carpet next to a bottle of the fish oil

    13. A fidget cube that'll give your hands something to focus on during Zoom meetings and Netflix binges. Reviewers say that it's great for stress relief and love that it's small enough to fit in their pockets.

    Someone playing with the fidget cube with words, "squeeze, press, and spin", around it

    14. An activity book for anxious people that'll help you work out some stresses. From listing obscure diseases to giving you instructions for building an underground bunker, the book will provide a great outlet for your worries.

    15. A sunscreen stick with SPF 30 that you can toss in your purse or pocket to protect your visage throughout the day. Reviewers like that they can reapply it without having to put their hands on their faces and that the fragrance-free formula doesn't cause their sensitive skin to react.

    Someone holding a stick of sunscreen

    16. A pack of blister bandages that'll make hiking the Grand Canyon (or from the club to your hotel) much more bearable if you've got sores galore. They're waterproof and will stay on for seven days at a time, so you won't have worry about having to replace them mid-walk.

    The front of the box of blister bandages

    17. An overflow drain cover that'll let you fill your tub up to a respectable level, so that you can have a proper soak. The suction cup will create a watertight seal while the slit at the top will make sure your bath doesn't ... well, overflow.

    Someone holding the cover over a bathtub

    18. A password book that'll give you a dedicated place to jot down your 653 different logins, so you won't waste time recovering your user info (or locking yourself out). It has a spiral binding, so it'll lay flat for easy writing, and the hard plastic cover will keep your info safe from spills.

    The password book opened to lined pages labeled, "web site, email used, username, passwords, notes"

    19. A copy of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo that'll pull you out of your reading rut. It's a dazzling, emotionally-rich tale that follows the glitz 'n' glam life of a starlet from the golden age of cinema and her gaggle of lovers — with a delicious twist.

    Someone holding "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" above a bed

    20. A cupboard door caddy that'll give your hot tools their own cozy little nook to live, while still being easy to access. That means no more haphazardly pulling out plastic baskets, looking for the right tool — instead, you can put that energy into a beautiful DIY blowout.

    The caddy hanging off of a cupboard with hairbrushes and a blowdryer

    21. A batter mixer that'll help you whip up the smoothest pancake mix ever, so you'll get perfect results every time. The blender ball does the heavy whisking for you!

    22. An adorable mounted toothbrush holder that'll protect your brush head from bacteria and icky 💩 particles. It'll suction to your mirror or shower wall, so it won't take up precious vanity space.

    The bear-shaped toothbrush holder with a toothbrush inside

    23. A pack of claw clips in soft matte shades that are perfect for summer and will keep your tresses out of your face. Reviewers say they have a strong grip and love that they don't leave behind any teeth marks.

    The five hair clips on a plate

    24. And finally, a bottle of Mario Badescu drying lotion that'll zap your zits while minimizing redness, irritation, and the temptation to pop. It has calamine to soothe inflammation and and can stand up to even the angriest under-the-surface bumps.

    You, when your order says "on the way":

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