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    21 Activity Books And Guided Journals You'll Probably Love If You're A Fiend For Notebooks

    It's journals all the way down.

    1. A mental health workbook that'll give you some of the tools you'll need to take care of yourself. Reviewers love that it covers multiple areas, including sleep and mood tracking, self-care plans, and daily journaling, so that they don't have to fill in a mountain of different notebooks every day.

    2. A three-minute gratitude journal for kids that'll help your little ones start their days off on the best foot possible. Reviewers say it's helped them reconnect with their youngsters and that it's taught both parent and child to focus on the positive when times are tough.

    3. A Kate Spade bridal journal that'll help you stay on top of your wedding planning from day one. It has pages for everything from flowers to your guest list, plus an interior pocket and clear zippered pouch for extra bits and bobs.

    4. A five-year memory book where you can jot down something from each day (every day for five years) until you basically have a time capsule in your hands. Since you'll only have to pen one line, it's great for building up the habit of journalling every day, especially if you struggle to find the time or energy.

    5. A copy of The Human Being Journal that'll help you set goals, track your achievements, and look back on your accomplishments. Reviewers say it's a great way to unwind and that the prompts are really thought-provoking.

    6. A fill-in-the-blank gift journal for a cute (or spicy) way to showing someone how much they mean to you.

    7. Or this retro 20 reasons notebook that'll be a heartfelt way to tell bae why they're your person. It has several more lines per prompt for your answers — perfect for anyone who tends to write a novel.

    The cover of "20 Reasons Why I Love You"

    8. An anxiety activity book that'll both distract you from and lean into your anxieties. From listing obscure diseases you don't have to following instructions for building an underground bunker (hey, you never know), it's a great outlet for all your fears — irrational and otherwise.

    9. A mood-tracker journal that reviewers say is amazing for dealing with obsessive or intrusive thoughts. It includes a food diary and exercise tracker, making it easier to see if fluctuations in your mood are the result of your diet.

    10. A grandmother's memories journal that'll give your beloved matriarch a chance to relive some golden memories from their history while passing down their story. Reviewers love the gorgeous graphics and say the questions are super interesting and creative.

    11. A ~sensual~ interactive journal that'll help you explore your body, discover your needs, and learn how to satisfy them on your own ('cuz we're strong, independent, and not afraid of owning our sexuality).

    12. A guided zen journal that'll help you learn to stop giving so many fudges. Reviewers say the "no-nonsense" voice resonates with them better than traditional self-help and like that they can work through it by themselves in between therapy sessions.

    13. A feel-good guided journal with charmingly cathartic quotes that'll encourage you to look forward instead of getting stuck in the past. The prompts are peppered with profanity, which reviewers say is therapeutic and adds a dose of much-needed humour.

    14. A copy of the popular Wreck This Journal for you to absolutely destroy while unlocking your creative potential. It's full of creative instructions for destruction — including maiming the book with holes and liquid — but that doesn't mean you can't do it in any way your heart desires.

    15. A copy of Burn After Writing filled with prompts that'll get you into self-exploration and self-reflection. Reviewers say it's helped relieve stress, and love that it asks deep questions without feeling like a full-blown therapy sesh.

    16. A copy of Quizzes for Couples that'll help strengthen the bond between you and your boo ❤️. Reviewers say doing the quizzes have challenged them to learn more about each other (even after years of marriage) and love the variety — they cover everything from how well you know each other to ~bedroom questions 🙈~.

    17. Or a couple's question book filled with interesting queries to ask each other. Whether you're just getting to know each other or have been married so long, you think you must have asked them all by now.

    18. A copy of The Five-Minute Journal that'll help you centre yourself in the mornings, so you can clear your mind and really hit your stride. It's packed with prompts that'll encourage self-reflection and will only take a few minutes to fill out, so even the busiest bees can make it a part of their day.

    Someone holding up a copy of the Five-Minute Journal

    19. A guided journal that'll help you stay in the moment and remember to breathe. Each page features prompts to guide you, making it great for anyone who has no idea where to start when it comes to writing down their thoughts.

    20. A food and exercise journal so you can plan out your meals while logging your workouts, sleep and water intakes, and energy levels. It's full of great tips for building a successful routine by breaking your big goals up into ~digestible~ chunks.

    21. And lastly, a copy of Chew This Journal that’ll help you make some awesome memories with your four-legged BFF. It’s loaded with activities that go way beyond a standard game of tug of war, covering everything from basic manners to agility and barkour.

    The cover the the Chew This Journal

    Basically every time you open a new journal:

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