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    36 Amazing Deals You Can Snag Today From Amazon Canada

    Sales shopping is smart shopping.

    Happy Tuesday, everybody! It's a brand new week, Monday's come and gone, and that means it's time to do some 🎶sale shopping🎶. We've rounded up some *major* deals from Amazon Canada. Some are on just for today and some will go on a lil' longer. Regardless, you'll definitely want to snatch 'em up before they're gone.

    1. Up to 23% off a sunset projection lamp that'll make your space look a dreamy tropical escape, even when the rain is getting you down. It's also great for creating unique photo lighting and TikTok scenes, if you fancy yourself an up-and-coming social media star.

    The sunset light projecting a circle of light on a vase of flowers

    2. 22% off a plant stand that'll give you a place to display your growing collection of leafy babies. The tiered design allows for maximum sun exposure, so every pothos and monstera will get the light it needs.

    Several plants on the stand

    3. 33% off a dino soap lab for the lil' paleontologist in your life. It'll have them creating colourful prehistoric toiletries for their bathroom that'll make them excited to wash their hands.

    A person washing their hand in a sink with dino soaps around the edge

    4. 30% off a chic high-pressure shower head that'll convince you to ditch the sputtering one currently living in your bathroom. It's got six functions, so you'll be able to treat yourself to a spa-like spray without ever leaving home.

    a matte shower head installed in a modern bathroom

    5. 17% off a tree-inspired bookshelf if your current shelving setup is looking a bit drab. The best part? You'll be able to ditch clunky bookends (which means more space for all your fave novels).

    a freestanding bookshelf with angled shelves

    6. 22% of an adjustable gooseneck table lamp that'll double as an organizer for smaller bits and bobs. It'll brighter up your workspace and can even hold your phone during Zoom calls.

    A tall slim desk lamp with an organizer base

    7. 38% a vanity mirror that'll magnify your face and allow you to see what you're doing with your tweezers and tools. There's an LED frame around the centre mirror, so you won't even need to turn on your overheads to get glam.

    The mirror on a table surrounded by products

    8. 36% off a bottle of hydrating Mario Badescu facial mist that'll give your morning routine a luxurious lil' upgrade. It'll save your skin from dryness and pack it with nourishing herbs and oils, making you feel fresh, fine, and fierce in just a few spritzes.

    The bottle of facial spay next to a champagne glass filled with confetti

    9. 21% off a Breville juicer so you can make bespoke fruit-filled beverages at home. It has an extra-large chute, so you won't have to chop your apples and pears into tiny chunks before tossing 'em in.

    The juicer on a counter on a counter surrounded by fruits and veggies

    10. 20% off a heat-up compression eye mask that'll massage your face, making it great for headaches and eye strain. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that'll help you block out the outside world, so you can really chill out.

    A person wearing the mask while lying in bed

    11. 35% off a laptop cooling pad that'll keep your device from overheating when you've got a million tabs open at once. It doubles as a stand and will help keep your computer at the perfect angle (good posture is important, people!).

    A laptop on the stand on a desk

    12. A teeth whitening kit that'll make your pearly whites even whiter. Reviewers say it's a great option for people with sensitive teeth and that they actually do see a significant difference after their first session.

    The trays, whitening guide, applicators, and light on top of a throw pillow

    13. 28% off a pair of JBL headphones that'll block out the annoying sounds around you (like your neighbours re-watching Friends for the 865th time or construction going on across the street). They have a 50-hour battery life, meaning you won't need to charge them every single day.

    A person wearing the JBL headphones, a cardigan, a tee, and a necklace

    14. 23% off an adjustable shower mirror if you and your partner are always fighting over limited bathroom space. It's got a neat notch for storing your razor and won't fog up when you're mid-trim. It even comes with a petite squeegee so you can sweep droplets out of the way!

    an adjustable anti fog mirror mounted on a tiled shower wall

    15. 17% off a double-walled tea infusion bottle that'll help you brew loose leaf drinks on the go. It's equipped with a handy silicone seal, so you won't need to worry about it spilling all over your bag.

    16. Up to 20% off a diffuser that'll fill your home with relaxing scents while looking 💯 on your coffee table. It also works as a humidifier and a nightlight, meaning you'll get plenty of use out of it.

    The diffuser on a table

    17. 23% off a set of blackhead removal tools so you can go at the blemishes on your face and revel in the nasty goop that'll ooze out of your pores.

    The tools next to their case on a blank background

    18. Up to 21% off a portable Crock-Pot so you can enjoy a hot lunch at your office without having to wait in line for the microwave. Because it's insulated, it'll also be great if you want to bring your food to the park for an impromptu picnic.

    The Crock-Pot on a desk with beef stew in it and the lid beside it

    19. 36% off a pack of sparkly stud earrings that'll add a touch of ✨glam✨ to any outfit. Reviewers love that they're comfortable enough to wear while sleeping and say they haven't irritated their sensitive lobes.

    20. 39% off a set of mixing bowls so you can recreate your favourite Great British Bake-Off moments at home. They have non-slip silicone bases while the airtight lids will be useful for marinating foods in the fridge.

    The mixing bowl set with nested measuring spoons and various equipement

    21. 19% off a Waterpik shower attachment that'll help you give your pet a quick 'n' thorough scrub-down. The high-powered spray will blast away any dirt, grime, and suds hiding in thick coats (and reviewers love that it can be used one-handed, too).

    a close up of the comb-like shower head spraying water

    22. 38% off a Philips Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush that'll give your chompers a cleaning that'll make your dentist proud. It has two intensity settings and a built-in timer, so you'll know exactly when to stop brushing.

    Someone using the toothbrush

    23. 47% off a memory foam pillow that'll help you get some quality snooze time, so you can wake up feeling rested (for once). Reviewers say it's been amazing at eliminating their neck pain and like that they can adjust the thickness by removing the middle layer as needed.

    Someone zipping up the pillow while sitting on a bed

    24. 35% off an Echo Show 8 with an HD screen and stereo sound that you can use to stream shows, make video calls, control all your smart devices, and more!

    The Echo Show 8 on a kitchen counter

    25. 25% off a de-shedding comb so you can easily scrape away pet hair and dander before it can make a mess of your home. The steel bristles are strong enough for double-coated doggos (and reviewers say it removes more fur than any other tool they've tried).

    26. And 36% off of the Echo Dot that'll become your bedside personal assistant and answer all the silly questions you can think of. It's also a speaker, so you can use it to jam out to your fave playlists while cleaning or studying.

    The Echo Dot on a wooden surface

    27. 31% off a pack of surge-protected outlet plugs that’ll keep your devices safe during an outage. They have little ledges on their tops where you can rest your devices while they charge.

    A charger and two USB cables plugged into the surge protector  with a phone on top

    28. 41% off a massage gun with 30 adjustable speeds that'll knead away at all your aches and pains. It also comes with ten interchangeable heads for different massage styles while the LED touchscreen will let you easily switch between them.

    Someone holding the massage gun

    29. 20% off an electric pedicure tool if your calluses are too stubborn for a regular pumice stone. It's got two roller heads: one for gentle, everyday maintenance and a coarser version for sanding down tough, dry skin (and it's even small enough to tuck between your toes).

    someone using the pedicure tool to buff away their calluses

    30. 28% off a robot vacuum that'll quietly take care of dust and pet hair for you. It comes with a remote control, can be customized via a dedicated app to clean on a schedule, and has sensors that'll help stop it from bumping into furniture or falling down the stairs.

    The vacuum on a wooden floor

    31. 29% off a string of outdoor globe lights that'll turn your patio into a romantic and whimsical place. They're weatherproof so you won't have to take them down on rainy days while the built-in solar panel will keep them from running up your hydro bill too much.

    The globe lights hung over an outdoor patio with a fireplace

    32. 20% off a memory foam mattress that'll replace your old, lumpy one that you've had for far too long. The foam is infused with green tea and activated charcoal that’ll absorb moisture and odors like nobody’s business.

    The mattress on a platform bedframe with two cushions and a throw on it

    33. 21% off an air fryer so you can indulge in crispy foods without having to use gallons of oil. It has seven presets and four cooking modes, including a preheat function so you won't have to wait around as long for your food to finish cooking.

    The air fryer set to 370°F next to a plate of fries and ketchup

    34. 23% off a leather messenger bag that'll hold your laptop, books, and all the other thingamabobs you need for school or work. It has multiple compartments and pockets (including four card slots and two pen compartments) that'll make it easier to keep your stuff organized.

    35. 19% off a toy medical kit so your future M.D. can take good care of their sick teddy bear (and fix up your boo-boos). Reviewers like that it comes with both doctor and dentist tools to give their lil' ones more options to play with.

    A child playing with some of the toys in the kit

    36. And finally, 25% off a set of kabuki and eyeshadow brushes that'll help you level-up your glam game and achieve the perfect Insta-worthy look. Reviewers love the silky-soft bristles and say they don't shed like other synthetic brushes in their collections.

    The brushes on a satiny surface next to an eyeshadow palette and some loose pearls

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