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    If You Hate Checking Your Bag, You’ll Probably Love These 28 Tiny Travel Products That’ll Fit In Your Carry-On

    Light travelling is happy travelling.

    1. An LED compact mirror that'll give you way better lighting than the airplane bathroom. Reviewers say it's really bright and that the ten times magnification side is super useful for touching up details and shaping their brows.

    Someone using a a makeup brush and using the mirror with their other hand

    2. An AirFly Duo wireless transmitter so you (and one other travel companion) can watch in-flight films without having to bust out your ancient pair of wired buds (y'know, with the exposed wiring and tangled cable?). You simply plug it in and pair — easy-peasy.

    Someone taking out a pair of AirPods while the AirFly is connected to the inflight screen

    3. A digital scale that'll tell you if your suitcase is over the carry-on weight limit, so you won't end up having to check your bag last-minute.

    The travel scale

    4. A plush travel blanket that'll be way cozier than the scratchy covers they pass out at the beginning of the flight (not to mention will actually keep your warm). The carrying case will turn it into a pillow, so your whole journey will be comfier.

    5. A handy portable fan that'll keep you cool while you're waiting to board. It doubles as a charging bank, has an auto shut-off feature for safety, and can even double as a flashlight.

    6. A sunscreen stick with SPF 30 that'll protect your visage (and your dignity after it makes through security without getting flagged). Reviewers like that they can reapply throughout the day without having to put their hands on their faces and that the fragrance-free formula doesn't cause their sensitive skin to react.

    The sunscreen stick in its packaging

    7. A set of anti-nausea wristbands that’ll help settle your upset tummy. Reviewers say they’ve worked miracles on car and plane sickness (and that they’re great for wearing during intense FPS and VR game seshes, too).

    Someone wearing a Sea-band on their wrist while holding up the packaging

    8. A RFID-blocking money belt that'll keep valuables safe and sound from tech-savvy, nimble-fingered bandits. It has three pockets (one hidden) and a durable strap and buckle that'll keep it securely attached to your person while you're sightseeing.

    Someone putting a passport into the RFID money belt.

    9. A pack of sheet masks that'll replenish some of the moisture your skin loses while being 30,000 feet in the air. Reviewers say they've even helped with their acne and that they're super soothing to put on after a long day out in the sun.

    The four sheet mask varieties on top of a cutting board

    10. Or a set of silicone sheet masks that you can dip in your favourite serum and have a more comfortable flight. The face mask has ear loops, so it won't go slip-sliding off and into your complimentary cup of coffee.

    11. A lightweight cotton dress that'll be super easy to throw on right before your flight lands if you don't want to step out in baggy sweats. Reviewers love that the fabric is stretchy and flowy, so you can throw back as many frozen piña coladas as you want without straining any buttons.

    Someone standing outside wearing the dress

    12. A pack of travel spray bottles so you can take your favourite scents with you without worrying about them getting confiscated pre-boarding. Reviewers say they're incredibly easy to fill up and like they don't have to stress about leakages or broken bottles.

    The five atomic spritzers

    13. A mini bottle of Urban Decay setting spray that'll help your makeup stay put, even after a full day of walking around the sunny streets of Barcelona. It's also waterproof, so your foundation won't come sliding off your face when you take a dip in the ocean.

    14. A colour-coded weekly pill organizer that'll help you keep track of your daily doses. The sections are removable, so you can bring as many as you need for how long you'll be gone.

    The pill case open, with all the sections inside

    15. A portable door lock that'll give you some peace of mind if your room at the Airbnb doesn't have a working one. It'll work with most doors and doesn't require any tools — just slip it into the door strike and you’ll be good to go!

    A  portable door lock wedged into a door beside the handle

    16. A shampoo bar that won't take up nearly as much room in your bag nor will it spill all over your clothes during turbulence. The shea butter and gingko biloba will hydrate and rejuvenate your tresses (especially if they're a little lacklustre due to the stress of traveling).

    The shampoo bar with its box on top of it next to some grapefruit slices

    17. A Kindle Paperwhite e-reader so you won't have to choose just one title to bring with you for beachside reading. Since they don't emit the kind of bright, blue light like your phone screen does, you won't have to worry about disturbing your neighbours on the plane ride back, either.

    The e-reader on a bag outside near a smartphone

    18. A cotton sleep mask that'll block out the pesky lights on your red-eye flight so you can some shut-eye. Its contoured design will curve around your face and prevent light from leaking in, while special inner pockets will keep the weight of the mask off of your eyeballs.

    The eyemask on a wooden surface next to some cotton balls and green plants

    19. A pair of EarPlanes that'll relieve some of the discomfort in your ears from the high air pressure. Reviewers with severe ear pain say they've been a lifesaver and that they have even prevented the headaches they usually get from being on a flight.

    20. A packing checklist that's compact enough to slide into your bag, so you won't forget anything when you're going from destination to destination.

    A person filling out the checklist

    21. A set of mini toiletries bottles that'll help your expensive skincare products make it through airport security. Filling these with products you already own will be way cheaper than buying name-brand travel sizes every time, they won't leak all over your clothes, and they can be washed out and reused for future trips.

    The five travel bottles on some towels

    22. A pack of blister bandages that'll make hiking the Grand Canyon (or from the club to your hotel) much more bearable if you've got sores galore. They're waterproof and will stay on for seven days at a time, so you won't have worry about having to replace them mid-walk.

    The front of the box of blister bandages

    23. And an anti-chafe stick that'll protect other areas of your body from angry, red patches. Reviewers say that it lasts all day, doesn't stain or leave residue on their clothes, and doesn't rub off even when they're heavily sweating.

    Someone using the balm on their inner thigh

    24. A power bank so you won't have to scramble to find an outlet when you're phone dies right before your flight. It has three ports (so you can charge three devices at once) and an LED screen that’ll let you know exactly how much juice it has left.

    People holding up their devices that are plugged into the powerbank

    25. A pack of toothbrush head covers that'll protect your brush from nasty bacteria and icky 💩 particles. They have vents that'll allow the bristles to dry and will fit both manual and electric brush heads.

    A toothbrush with the cap on next to two other caps and comb in a travel bag

    26. A lululemon Everyday belt bag for your phone and other small essentials that you'd rather not have to dig out of your overhead carry-on mid-flight. The water-resistant nylon will also keep your things safe if you get stuck in a rainstorm when you land.

    27. A mini travel razor so you won't have to deal with trying to cram your giant behemoth of an electric shaver into your makeup pouch. Reviewers like that the included case prevents the blades from getting rusty after a shower.

    28. And finally, a travel-sized bottle of Poo-Pourri that'll make sure your business doesn't become anybody else's business. Since it's made with a blend of essential oils, it won't leave the bathroom smelling like chemicals, either.

    The tube of Poo-Pourri on a blank background

    You, refusing to check your bag because it's gonna fit:

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