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    These Are The Zodiac Signs As "Game Of Thrones" Characters And I Won't Be Argued With

    Sansa has big Aries energy.

    Aries: Sansa Stark


    Sansa’s quick-thinking has helped her in many situations, as well as her powerful demeanor. A tad competitive, she earned her way to being Lady of Winterfell. Sansa is not scared to back down, even to the Queen of Dragons.

    Taurus: Brienne of Tarth


    Brienne is dependable and trustworthy, which anyone can attest to. She has a sensual side that not everyone gets to see, however she would never let it change where her loyalties lie. Brienne’s hard work does not go unnoticed.

    Gemini: Cersei Lannister


    Cersei is very expressive about her needs. She is passionate about her family, but cross her or who she loves and she will show you just how ruthless she can be. Cersei knows how to get what she wants.

    Cancer: Samwell Tarly


    Sam’s intuitive and inquisitive nature has helped him discover things many would overlook. His compassion for others has proven him brave in various situations. Sam protects others who need it the most.

    Leo: Jaime Lannister


    A true lion at heart, Jaime is bold and confident. His charm comes through in almost every exchange he has. Jaime knows when to assert his passionate side.

    Virgo: Jon Snow


    Jon is an honorable man who keeps his decisions rational. He is loyal and gentle at heart, and lets his experiences guide him to his destiny. Jon’s analytical side helps him not make impulsive decisions.

    Libra: Daenerys Targaryen


    Daenerys has a diplomatic nature that governs her scale of justice. She knows when to be lenient and when to be merciless. Dany has proven to be a strong and gracious leader.

    Scorpio: Lyanna Mormont


    Lyanna Mormont is stubborn and full of passion. She is brave to her cause and will not back down to anyone against it. She is resourceful and is not afraid to remind you of that.

    Sagittarius: Gilly


    Gilly is a survivor with an optimistic attitude. She says what's on her mind, when it comes to mind. Gilly has a kind heart and knows when to vouch for what is right.

    Capricorn: Arya Stark


    Arya is fiercely loyal to her pursuit. She is determined to make right in the world, and is disciplined on how to get there. Arya is an independent woman who can do it all on her own.

    Aquarius: Bran Stark


    Bran is a deep thinker with quite the imagination. He has a strict, unwavering view of what the world is. Bran is truly one-of-a-kind.

    Pisces: Tyrion Lannister


    Tyrion has a wise presence and is empathetic to others. His quick-witted thinking has aided his survival many times. Tyrion’s strong suit is his intelligence.

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