• cdavis2005

      Let me start out by saying..rum. Lots of it.  Sitting on the back porch with my brother and sis in law smoking a cigarette. Felt a fart coming on, realized very quickly it wasn’t a fart. RAN inside with a lit cigarette (we don’t smoke in the house), trying to make it to the bathroom. Slipped and fell down in the kitchen (still holding lit cigarette). Couldn’t get up because I was laughing so hard. Meanwhile I’M STILL SHARTING. Sis in law comes around the corner asking what the hell is happening. I couldn’t tell her at first because I was laughing so hard! I finally get the words out…”I can’t stop pooping!” After laughing so hard she started crying, she asks what she can do, and all I can think of is to tell her to take my cigarette. I literally had to lay there and finish because I could not stop laughing long enough to stop shitting so I could get to the bathroom.  Moral of the story, kids: watch your rum consumption, and NEVER trust a fart!

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