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14 Super Easy Pranks For Every Occasion

Inspiration courtesy of Impractical Jokers on Comedy Central. Go get 'em, kid.

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2. Foil your colleagues like a damn pro.

Flickr/Touchdown Jesus (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: lry

Like "Christmas in July", but timesed by 10. OK, clear your schedule; you're gonna need two hours and 20 rolls of tinfoil.

4. The mask.

Nicky Williams

Crazy Terry. You were initially skeptical when he offered up his own nickname when you met him ("Alreet lad, I'm KER-AYYYY-ZEE TERRY! Wooo-hah!"), but he has since lived up to the nom de dickhead. Crazy Terry is his name, getting hideously shit-faced and passing out in various bathrooms is his game.

Teach him a lesson and mask him.

5. Fake a blindfolded bungee jump. / Via

OK, now we're getting into slightly more difficult territory, but there's nothing quite like seeing your pal prepare for a beautiful bungee jump, only to plunge face-first into a rancid swamp. OH, THE BANTER.

8. Pretending to urinate on a stranger. / Via

Yeah, you heard me. Pretending to do a piss on the feet a stranger* in the cubicle next to you. Do it.

*Probably best not to do it to an actual stranger – they will punch you in your face, and you will deserve it.


Ben Rosen

Filling your manager's office with inflated rubber or latex bags in all the colours of the rainbow is a surefire way to win their heart/get fired/get super lightheaded. It's a win–lose–still-kinda-lose-I-guess-unless-you're-into-that scenario.

12. Get your (BEST) mate slapped in the face for being a sexist pig. / Via

Yeah, you're gonna i) need to touch someone's arse and ii) have to have a best friend who won't beat the mess out of you for getting him slapped in public. Worth it.

13. Fake spiders are a genre classic for a reason. / Via

Oh man, fake spiders. Classic. Gotta love 'em. Unbeatable for making meatheads jump up and down and spin round and round like they're doing a Morris dance.

Know a meathead? Make him Morris.

14. Half-hearted cleaver murder. / Via

Look, mate... If you're going to jump out on a random girl in school with a condom on your head and a plastic cleaver in your hand, at least do it with some commitment. Have you no dignity?

Like pranks? Like forfeits? Like pranks performed under the threat of an even worse forfeit? You're going to love Impractical Jokers, Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central.

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