11 Worst Ads Of The 1980s - In Australia

Ah, the eighties: When racism was acceptable and short-shorts were manly.

1. That Alex and his shenanigans!

1980s advertising / Via youtube.com

2. Prince William before his world fell apart.

1980s advertising / Via youtube.com

3. Racist ad is racist.

1980s Advertising / Via youtube.com

4. “Today in news police killed two BLACK men because they were BLACK. They were protesting against being BLACK and then the police showed up shot them in self defence and then the BLACK guys died. Next up, Australia’s first communications satellite laun

1980s advertising / Via youtube.com

5. Short-shorts are MANLY.

6. It’s ads like these that make you appreciate how far computer animation has come.

1980s advertising / Via youtube.com

7. That time Fosters tried to convince you that it was a sophisticated “American” beer.

1980s commercials / Via youtube.com

8. That CD player costs HOW MUCH?

1980s advertising / Via youtube.com

9. I dare you to guess what this is advertising.

1980s advertising / Via youtube.com

10. A one minute ad for the Anglican church featuring fluro shirts and singing.

11. Here’s how I think this ad was created: “Right, who gambles? Shire dwellers, country folk, wealthy pensioners, immigrants, family men and bogans. We’ve got to find a way to show all of them how awesome Lotto is.”

1980s commercials / Via youtube.com

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