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    The 13 Worst Kickstarter Projects Of All Time

    Attention all future web entrepreneurs: THIS IS WHY YOUR KICKSTARTER SUCKS

    1. An art series that would showcase ten different gender-swapped video game heroes.

    I wasn't kidding about the Sonic with boobs thing.

    2. A project to drop a baby grand piano onto a pyramid of champagne glasses and call it art.

    3. Donate to a Kinky colouring book that somewhat defeats the purpose...

    4. $10,000 to make a Christian cartoon using a free animation program. How charitable.

    5. A "Clue" game where the original characters are reimagined as zombies.

    It was Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with brains.

    6. Crowd-funding low-tech tees for the technologically impaired.

    7. A project to fund a book about religion being proof of aliens


    An excerpt: "I’m a believer that most religions are misrepresentations of proof of aliens visiting or contacting our ancestors. I want to write a book in the next 9 months to what exactly my theories are and the evidence I believe in. I believe Jesus and other “Gods” of mythology are not as most have been taught. I believe humans are here because we were brought and bred here and not evolved from apes. I believe theirs a misconception of Darwinism and that apes were one of the attempts at breeding life by foreign species but not the last attempt. That they improved their “design” and eventually came to homo-sapiens."

    8. Atheist shoes. Because even the morally superior need decent arch support.

    9. A band described as "all cock and no balls" wants you to pay to record their "party rock" album.

    And this is the band IRL.

    10. A business offering to convert your pictures into something resembling an oil painting on canvas.

    The project was shutdown after rampant abuse.

    11. A project to stir debate about "the most defining issues of our time" with a naf t-shirt.


    Bonus prize: bumper stickers for world peace

    12. Rock songs about robots. Original.

    13. Because nothing says "Jesus, come unto me" quite like a crushed velvet t-shirt and photoshop

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