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    The 15 Kinds Of Aussies You're Bound To Meet While Travelling

    What is it about travellers that they become an instant stereotype the minute their plane takes off? We don't all ride around on Kangaroos and drink VB. Well, not all of us.

    1. Crocodile Dundee

    2. The bogan

    3. The beach bum

    4. The budgie smuggler

    5. The oompa loompa

    6. The aging hippie

    7. The hipster

    8. The bondi babe

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    Loves overseas travel but refuses to leave his suburb of Bondi when he's at home and his only friends are other people that live in Bondi. Will spend hours trying to explain why Bondi is so amazing. Likely to complain about over-crowding and tourists. His three most valued possessions are his guitar, his surfboard and his dog. Only drinks at one of three pubs. Doesn't understand why anyone would leave Bondi.

    9. The country kid

    10. The city slicker

    11. The sports fan

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    Hasn't missed an Olympics opening ceremony for 10 years, but asserts (correctly) that nothing compares to Sydney's 2000 Olympics. AFL is his religion and he plans his trip around the availability of sports bars overseas that broadcasts the game. Sneers at those who think Rugby League and Rugby Union are the same. A proud Tigers fan, his mood is tempered by whether the Tigez won or lost. Do not try to approach the sports fan while the game is on and whatever you do, don't touch him.

    12. The cultural cringer

    13. The potty mouth

    14. The historian

    15. The chameleon