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    23 Cat GIFS That Perfectly Represent Your Life

    Because it wouldn't be the internet if there wasn't a GIF for every single facet of human emotion.

    When it's a Monday

    When you're out of coffee

    When you're in the right relationship

    When you're in the wrong relationship

    When you're just a little bit too comfortable in your relationship

    When you tell your friends what you did on the weekend

    What you actually did on the weekend

    The way you feel after the office Christmas party

    What you fantasize about doing when somebody cuts you off in traffic

    When you can't escape overly affectionate friends

    When you finally get up the nerve to ask someone out, only to pike out at the last minute

    When summoning the nerve to ask someone out actually works out

    When everyone is at the bar and your boss is making you work late

    When a friend agrees to spot you at the gym

    When your boss catches you talking about him

    When somebody cusses you out on Twitter

    When your co-worker talks too much

    When you're having a bad hair day

    When you really shouldn't have had that last tequila

    When you just can't kick that sense of deja vu

    When your parents think they're "hip"

    When three's a crowd

    When you're sick of people telling you what to do.