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    10 Terrifying Facts About The Australian Dropbear

    People will try to convince you Dropbears aren't real. But they are bad ass. Be a responsible tourist and check out these ten essential facts before packing your bags for down under

    They attack from above


    Hikers and bush walkers have been known to be 'dropped on' by Drop Bears (thus their name sake). Most attacks are not fatal and result usually in injuries including bites and scratches (at least in humans).

    The Dropbear will f***ing cut you.

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    (Watch from 0.18).

    The Australian government even released this warning: "Look up, stay alive"


    It is a distant relative of The Koala

    But don't let that fool you

    Because unlike their distant relatives, Dropbear are carnivorous and incredibly aggressive

    Dropbears exist everywhere in Australia (except Tasmania)

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    (Because not even Dropbears want to live there).

    Dropbear attacks are on the rise


    We would never recommend avoiding Australia (which seems to have conveniently been left off this chart), caution is recommended if you are visiting Australia, Germany, Thailand, Canada or New Zealand.

    Dropbears hate Vegemite

    Drop Bear Aware / Via

    Tourists are recommended to smear Vegemite liberally on their armpits to repel Dropbears. Also, always wear a wide-brimmed hat outdoors.

    Don't believe us? Check out this video

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    Dropbears are little bastards: Here's how to avoid them