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How To Create Your Own Hogwarts Letter

We've all eagerly awaited that letter from Hogwarts. But fret no more, now you can just make your own!

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4. "Age" your letter - it's magic!


You will need: a strong cup of coffee, a baking sheet and an oven.

1. Brew a strong black coffee and pour it into a baking sheet

2. Soak your letter in the coffee for a few minutes

3. Dry the letter in the oven for a few minutes at 90°C/200°F

8. Seal your letter with faux wax seal stickers


Once you've put your letter in your envelope, seal it with one of these awesome stickers from The Harry Potter Shop.

Alternatively you can print it from here and just stick it onto your envelope, although it won't be 3D!

Or if you're a DIY genius, you might want to head over here.

Isn't life so much better now that you're a wizard?

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