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    Kpop Inspired Outfits For The Spring : Girl Group Edition

    As Barney Stinson says, "good bye sweaters and hellooo short skirts!"

    Twice : Mina

    jyptwiceclthess / Via

    Who can go wrong in rock star denims and a white tee! Twice's Mina surely rocked her airport fashion with just 3 apparel. A simple Agnes B teeshirt with black Diesel shorts and a pair of Gucci shades to top it off! salute!

    Blackpink : Jenny

    blackpinksstyle / Via

    Yes! high heel combat boots are a thing with pink frill dresses! And who can deny them when Blackpink's Jenny is all game for it.

    IOI : Jeon Somi

    styleofsomi / Via

    A perfect peach is best at a beach! Jeon Somi trending training shorts like no one else on a bright sunny day.

    (G)-Idle : Shuhua

    gidlefashionsite / Via

    A perfect blend of corset blouse and pleats skirt. A rare sight of black on black for a KBS music bank arrival by one and only queen Shuhua.

    Red Velvet : Irene

    redvelvetfashion / Via

    silk georgette fusion is made for the spring and Irene here is no exception to it. A princess of elegance indeed.

    Izone : Chaewon

    kpopstylenew / Via

    A perfect amusement park date outfit! When spring is around, canvas shoes are a prime essential and Chaewon proves exactly that.

    Well, these are some inspiring kpop idol outfits for the approaching season change. Stay tuned for part 2... boy group edition?

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