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    6 Kpop Idol Interactions That'll Make You Go "WTF! They're Friends!?"

    What's the ultimatum for a kpop multi stan? Well, watching your idols form different companies interact, chat, or have the sweetest and cutest moments that'll remain forever in a fan's heart. Yes, 2020 witnessed some of the rarest idol interaction and some of them did make the fans go 'awww'. From Seventeen, NCT, BTS, Suju, and even MonstaX, the idol industry has been friends behind the curtains that is slowly getting exposed. And the fans are loving it. Here are some of the most mentioned idol interactions that'll make you go "Whoa! them? I never knew they were close!" ^-^

    1. Seventeen's Hoshi and Seungkwan's video message for Suju's Leeteuk

    2. Monsta X's Minhyuk, April's Naeun, and NCT Jaehyun's chemistry

    3. NCT's Mark and Gugudan's Kang Mina's surprising friendship

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    We all know Mark and Mina shared their screentime together while hosting Music Core back in 2018 and all the way to 2019. But fans didn't know that they still shared their beautiful friendship even off stage and also after a year. The fans' jaws dropped when Mark (along with his watermelon of course) went to visit Mina during their Kick It promotions at Music Core. It turned out to be Mina's farewell stage and she almost teared up when she saw Mark coming to see her off. He also cutely whined, "Why are you cryingggg?" and they brushed it off with a bro handshake (lol) probably to avoid unnecessary scandals.

    4. Jessi and Mamamo's sisterhood

    5. PSY and BTS's V got all cuddly with each other

    6. The '97 gathering'

    Some more honorable mentions so far are NCT's Jaehyun, Doyoung and Jungwoo went to watch the musical "The Man Who Laughs" starred by EXO's Suho. Blackpink and Selena Gomez's video call and also EXO Kai's updates with Shinee's Taemin and Vixx's Ravi are always circulating the SNS clouds.

    Some more remarkable interactions that took fans' hearts away are the challenges that artists collaborated with. Every dance challenge had its special place with each comeback. Maybe my next article?

    Also, Who's excited about the October comeback lineup!? The number of bops coming out in October is going to be legendary. Hope we can get to see more idol reactions this comeback season.