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    Science Twitter Drags De Niro: 15 Funniest #FutureTribecaDocumentary

    Now that the Tribeca Film Festival and Robert De Niro have decided to give a credible platform to disgraced former surgeon/researcher Andrew Wakefield to screen his anti-vaccination documentary, Science Twitter has two options: laugh or cry. Despite mountains of scientific literature and boatloads of money spent investigating the disproven claim that vaccines cause autism, De Niro justified inclusion of the Wakefield-directed film by saying he feels that "it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined" at the Tribeca Film Festival. So we pondered what other issues may also need to be "discussed and examined" in a #FutureTribecaDocumentary (hashtag credit to Dr. Jennifer Gunter). Here are just a few:

    UPDATE 3/26/2016: Tribeca Film Festival and Robert De Niro announced this evening that they no longer plan to screen Vaxxed in the film festival. The evidence-based community applauds this decision, which will have a positive impact on public health.


    Exxon-Valdezzed: The Benefits of Properly Lubricating Your Wildlife #futuretribecadocumentary


    "Reliable: the Art of Saran Wrap Contraceptives" #FutureTribecaDocumentary


    "'Shutting that whole thing down': how Todd Akin revolutionized the field of reproductive health biology" #FutureTribecaDocumentary


    "Virgin Blood - Nature's Remedy for HIV/AIDS" #futuretribecadocumentary @Tribeca ~~ Discuss.


    Gravity: Just The Man's Way Of Keeping Us Down #futuretribecadocumentary


    #futuretribecadocumentary "Just say no: How Reagan solved the drug problem in America"


    How gays cause earthquakes #futuretribecadocumentary


    Smoking: It's Actually Good For You #futuretribecadocumentary


    Raging Bullshit: How We Flushed Our Reputation to Placate Our Celebrity Backer. A #futuretribecadocumentary by Tribeca itself.


    "Blood bath" Secrets from Elizabeth Báthory's library to stay young and beautiful #FutureTribecaDocumentary


    Water: not really all that wet. #futuretribecadocumentary


    Running with Scissors is OK: open dialogue about risks and rewards #futuretribecadocumentary


    The Day We Sailed Off The Earth #futureTribecadocumentary @Tribeca


    DeNiro-saurus: My Life as a Lizard Person #futuretribecadocumentary


    "Analyze this...but then screw your remarkably consistent scientific conclusions anyway: the Robert De Niro story" #FutureTribecaDocumentary

    16. BONUS: While not a #FutureTribecaDocumentary - credit for the brilliant thumbnail goes to Joe Hanson

    Hey @Tribeca, I fixed some errors in Andrew Wakefield’s bio for you