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Things You Think About While Trying To Fall Asleep

And the reason for why you are still only trying.

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Let's get the obvious out of the way: your crush. And all the possible ways that fate might bring you together.

And you shall live happily ever after.

But then you remember all the embarrassing things you did today

Dear god, and wasn't your crush there when you spilled that coffee all over yourself??

And you have to, once again, deal with the fact that you will probably never be together

But it's ok because tomorrow is another day and your delusional fantasies will start again.

So you dream up with various scenarios of how you will be discovered and become famous

After all, you have so much untapped potential!

And then you will be rich!

And you'll be able to buy anything your heart desires

Hmm, what time is it?

Holy crap, that late already?

Alright, alright. Might as well be productive. Let's think of the schedule for tomorrow. Gonna work out for sure... What to wear, what to wear...

Lists are boring. Lists will make you fall asleep.

Lists are boring. Lists will make you fall asleep.

Another glance at the time

So much for being nice and refreshed tomorrow.

Time for some serious, drastic measures!

One sheep, two sheep....

Wait, what was that noise??

Sounded just a bit like scratching...

You try to tell yourself it's nothing, your house makes noise like that all the time.

It is an old house! ... with a lot of unknown questionable history... NO, don't think like that!

But no matter what you tell yourself, that one scary image pops into your head and then it just snowballs from there

No more scary movies for you. EVER.

You make sure that every part of your body is under a blanket but that doesn't seem to make you feel any safer

I guess it's not like I was gonna get any sleep tonight anyways

And you really wish you still had a night light

Nothing wrong with that!

And as if it couldn't get any worse, you now have to go to the bathroom.

At least you didn't have to go right as you get into bed. Because that is actually the worst.

You try to get yourself pumped up

But the question still remains

Because who wants to get out of bed when you can just hold it?

Because who wants to get out of bed when you can just hold it?

And whatever you decide, it's still pretty much torture.

At least that sunset you watched was beautiful

Although that might have been due to the fact that you were experiencing mild hallucinations

And that's why you always look like death in the morning

Mornings are really not your thing

Mornings are really not your thing

But those rare days when you fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow?

And unicorn dust.

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