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The Typical Timeline Of Taking A Trip

Well this should be fun and not at all painful. Right?

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So you've decided to take a trip somewhere.

"It will be so much fun!" you think.

And, somewhere out there, the universe agrees

Of course, before you go anywhere, you need to get those tickets

Expedia, kayak, etc. here I come!

You take a look at the first class tickets

"One day," you tell yourself.

The only "economy" options you find either cost an arm and a leg or have 37 layovers.

The layovers are all either 15 seconds or 13.5 hours long.

The idea that you can just stay home pops into your head.

I could be lazy. Lazy is good...

But, damn it, you've decided to live a little and you will!

You deserve it, after all!

So you do the reasonable thing, and decide to be thrifty.

Finally, after hours of searching, you find a semi-reasonable option.

You book the tickets and instantly feel better.

"Phew, the hardest part is over!" you innocently think.

Of course, on the day of the trip, despite the fact that you planned to be at the airport 2 hours beforehand, like a responsible adult, you end up getting there with not a minute to spare.

Dear god, please let the security check line be short! But, this is the time the universe was really waiting for to have fun.

You choose a line to stand in and pray that it moves along reasonably quickly.

At least you can use your electronic boarding pass and didn't need to check-in in person. Thank you technology!

It's all kind of stressful but you finally get to the gate 5 minutes before they close it.

Annnnnddd of course it turns out that the flight is delayed for an hour and a half.

Did I forget to check the flight status?

Oops... so much for using technology effectively.

"Well," you think, "at least you weren't gonna miss the flight. I'll take it."

All's well that ends well.

Except then you remember that you only have a 2 hour layover!

Just when you thought you could finally relax. Silly you!

When you eventually get on the plane, all you want to do is nap and not think about the serious possibility of you missing your next flight. Unfortunately, your neighbor is serious about finding out your whole life story.

When did having your headphone in and your eyes closed become a symbol for "Please talk to me??"

However, this time, despite fearing the worst, you manage to make it on your next flight.

Hold it together, you are almost there!

And then, at long last, your final destination!

Enjoy it while you can. Because there is always the return trip.

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